Original photos purchased from stevepereira.com become full property of the purchaser and may be reprinted, resold, or re-used in any manner as dictated by the buyer. Individual photo prints prints remain property of stevepereira.com and may not be resold or reprinted.


4" x 6" : $0.50 each
5" x 7" : $0.75 each
8" x 10": $2.50 each

Photo files (and full ownership)
(6 to 12 megapixel files suitable for at least 11"x14" printing)
1 image : $ 8.50 each
2-3 images : $ 7.50 each
4-5 images : $ 6.50 each
6-9 images : $ 5.50 each
10+ images : $ 5.25 each

For example, purchasing 5 image files at $6.50 each image results in a total savings of $10.00 over individual purchases. Purchasing 10 images at $5.25 each image results in a total savings of over $32.

To order, mark down the individual file numbers as seen below each image in the various batches of photographs and send an email (click on the email icon at left) with the information, including your name, phone number, return email address, and whether you need a print or would like to buy complete ownership of the image.

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